Easter comes during an Australian Autumn season every year. The hopping bunnies from coloured eggs come out. Thus the arrival of Easter in Autumn symbolises new life, rebirth, and fertility.

Are looking for Easter gift ideas that truly capture the meaning of the season? If yes, then nothing is better than Easter flowers. Bouquets with fresh spring flowers are perfect for every Easter party. Moreover, they add warmth, happiness, and feelings of optimism to any Easter celebration.

Here are five colorful Easter flowers that will fill a space with the meaning of Easter and reminds you or your guests about new beginnings.

Spring Tulips

Tulips symbolize love, new life, and belief. Moreover, they represent values of Goddess and thus infuse your space with positive energy on Easter.

The bright bushels of tulips in bouquet send a message of happiness and love to your special ones.  The yellow and white tulips in a glass vase spread energy in your home and perfectly convey the pure meaning of Easter to everyone.

Easter lily

The pure white petals of Easter Lilies are a sign of Purity and Goodness. Moreover, its trumpet-like shape makes it a perfect gift piece. It is believed that the lilies grow at places where Jesus’ sweat and tears fell during his crucifixion.

Thus, it is a great symbol of Christianity and when you gift it to your loved ones it reminds them purity of Jesus. Further, apart from white lily, there are yellow, pink and orange lilies that you can add in a bouquet of Easter flowers or can use them for home decoration as well.

Calm Daisy

Many of us join friends and relatives for an Easter celebration. There is a beautiful bloom that comes around Easter, called Easter Daisy. The bunches of large and colorful daisies are the best Easter gift.

Daisy is a symbol of purity and calmness. Further, the sweet aroma of simple daisy makes the perfect bouquet and cherished special moments on Easter.

Sweet Hyacinth

Honor your loved ones with a meaningful gift like Hyacinth on this Easter. The sweet scent of Easter flower represents comeliness. These beautiful flowers come in shades like yellow, pink, white and purple.

Different colors convey different messages like purple convey a message of “please forgive me,” yellow symbolize jealousy and pink means “let’s play.” These Easter flowers in a bouquet or as a single stick are best to gift someone on Easter party.

Heart-melting Roses

Roses are perfect for any occasion whether it is a wedding party or Easter day celebration. They spread the message of love everywhere. Further, beautiful colorful roses bloom in spring season thus available in a wide range of colors near Easter. Moreover, when you gift a bunch of roses to your loved ones they feel special. Roses decoration spreads a softness, divine touch and fragrance all around the area.


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