Cold weather is often considered synonymous with no color in the garden. But it isn’t so. People who love colors in their gardens need not pack away your gardening tools. Several flowers blossom in winters. But I am sure you are unaware of the buds you can plant in this cold, the reason you are here for.

So do read the list below to know about the various winter flowers.


Add a dash of color to your garden with camellias. They are available in several colors ranging from pink to red to dark crimson red. You can see them blooming all through winters and are in full bloom after receiving at least five to six hours of sunlight.


Daffodil is another extremely beautiful of the winter flowers. It epitomizes friendship. The herb has a trumpet-shaped structure against a star-shaped background. It comes in a variety of colors apart from the classic yellow, including white, orange, and pink.


Scented flowers and bright colored berries are notable features of Daphne. Most of the species are grown as ornamental plants. Winter Flowers of daphne bloom from late winter to early spring. However, it must be remembered that most parts of the plant are poisonous.

English Primrose

You may have seen them blooming in the spring but can also flower in cold weather. English Primrose comes in several colors to add color to an otherwise barren land. They can grow six to eight inches in height and have big leaves.


Hellebore is named Christmas rose for a reason. You can watch them bloom during the coldest months of the year. Hellebore has a deep growing root system which is responsible for its survival in the chilling winds. Pick your favorite from red, white, and dark green.

Kaffir Lily

Late winter can be turned beautiful with red flowers of Kaffir Lily. Among the most beautiful winter flowers, it produces tall, slender stalks that are bordered with leaves and bright bell-shaped blooms. However, cold conditions are not ideal for them.


Bees love them, and your garden will thank you for this gift. A native of Mediterranean, these annuals grow in the cold. As the temperature decreases, the leaves turn deep blue. The dark purple flower is covered in metallic blue bracts on mottled green leaves.


Pansy is a low-growing flower. Plant it in your yard and witness the bloom for a long time. It comes in a variety of colors – bicolor and solid. We would recommend purple for the wintry feel it exudes. They fill pots and window boxes like no other.

Winter Flowering Cherry

There can be nothing more beautiful than cherry blossom in the cold weather. Yes, winter flowering cherry is one of the most beautiful winter flowers. It blooms in mild climate and can be sighted from November to April.

Winter Honeysuckle

The best-scented flower of all the winter flowers is winter honeysuckle. The creamy white flower blooms in the winter and has a lemony smell. The flowers bloom from November and may last up till April depending on where you live.  

These were some of the most beautiful of the winter flowers amongst so many more.

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