Thinking of hiring a florist in Sydney? If so, it is important to familiarise yourself with responsibilities of a florist given that they do vary greatly. Fail to do this and you might end up with a shoddy job as a result of hiring an unqualified flower dealer. Even worse, it’s sure to make the process of finding flower shops with qualified flower dealer very daunting. This is more-so true with those who haven’t hired a florist in Sydney before. But don’t worry though as we’ll help you get it right, whether you are first-timer or not. This in mind, below you’ll find questions to ask before booking your florist in Sydney.    

How Many Jobs Have You Successfully Completed?

Before settling on a flower dealer, it is important to know how many jobs they’ve completed. Note how I used the word completed? Don’t ask about the jobs they’ve done but the ones they’ve successfully completed. Why is this important? Well, asking this question helps you to tell whether you’re florist Sydney knows what they doing or not.

In most cases, if they have a number of jobs completed with satisfied customers, chances are high they are good at what they do. Experience is normally a good indicator when questioning whether your flower dealer is good for the job. Furthermore, those with experience can easily offer valuable advice on floral arrangement. This ultimately sees you end up with a completed job that you’ll like.

Ask To See Previous Work Photo Samples?

Whether dealing with an onsite flower shop or an online florist offering online ordering delivery service, make sure you ask for past work photo samples. When asking for these samples pay attention to the taste visible through their work. In particular, check whether your sense of taste is similar to that of your flower dealer.

It’s not just seeing whether your taste is in line with your flower dealer. Sample photos of his/her past work help you know for certain if they’re capable of the task ahead. It also allows you to compare their works in terms of how they relate to your inspiration. This of course only applies if you already have a design you want to go with. Some florist Sydney have great taste so don’t worry if you don’t have a design of your choice.

How Realistic Is My Floral Plan?

Another must ask question before booking a florist in Sydney is how realistic are the floral plans. Some of us tend to have very crazy designs in our heads. Some of these designs are usually not doable while some on the hand might just work. Hence it is important to ask your Florist in Sydney whether what you have in your plan is doable or not.

If you are dealing with a highly-qualified florist, he/she should be able to look at your floral ideas and tell whether it’s possible or not. Additionally, they’ll tell you whether it’s affordable (going by your budget) or if it’s a right look.

Are You In A Position To Work With My Budget?

When booking a florist Sydney, it’s important that you are honest with them and this includes your budget. Whether thinking of setting up flower crowns or a wedding like a flower bouquet. It is important that you let potential florists know what you can afford or what they’ll be dealing with.

Failure to give them this information might result in you not being able to pay for your floral bill. In most cases, your florist will be happy that you’ve shared with them this piece of information. They can now get work with you knowing what you want and how much you want to pay for it. Furthermore, it allows you to build an open honest relationship with your florist from the get-go.

Do They Have Or Offer Same Day Delivery?

If you are booking a florist to get you flowers for an event quickly, you need same day delivery. Some flower shops in Sydney despite offering flower delivery services do not offer same day delivery. Hence, it is important that you find out if one does before booking their services. Additionally, asking a florist in Sydney this question before purchasing flowers from a flower shop gives you an indication of when to expect them.

 If you are comfortable with the answer you get, you can proceed by making a purchase. Always remember that if you are planning on receiving your flowers fast (the next day), go for a flower shop offering same day delivery.    

There you have it, 5 must-ask questions before booking your florist in Sydney. For more information on Florists Sydney, we suggest calling one of our staff at Sydney Wide Flowers. You can do this over the phone by dialling 02 9773 4188. You can contact us via email as well and for this, you will need this email use