Weddings remind us of white, lace, cake and beautiful flowers. While some of these are permanent, others keep changing such as flowers. There are new trends in flower arrangements for weddings every year. In 2018, we saw huge inclination towards greenery and less towards flowers. However, 2019 has welcomed new, bright, and cheerful floral trends, and they seem exciting.

Here are some of the new trends in flower arrangements for weddings in 2019:

Dried Grasses

If you think grass (dried grass) looks dull and drab, think again. Ornamental grasses are new trends making waves in flower arrangements for weddings in 2019. A light brown feathery plant – Pampas grass is one such growing trend you will be witnessing a lot embellishing centerpieces, ceremony backdrops and bouquets this year. Other aesthetically beautiful options include fountain grass, bunny tails, and wheat stalks. Nothing can match the visuals bestowed by these to everyday wedding greenery. 

Dry Flowers

Dry flowers add a vintage, romantic vide. Use them alone or weave with fresh flowers. What makes them outstanding is their potential to retain the original color. These beautiful shrunken pieces have a few more advantages. Floral arrangements prepared with dry flowers are ideal for keeping in water. Imagine boutonnieres and hanging installations. Also, bouquets and floral decorations can be prepared in advance, which means less hassle towards the run-up to the wedding. 

Baby’s breath, daisies, and dried lavender are all hot choices for dry flower arrangements for weddings. Few florists paint or dye these flowers to make colored blooms you won’t find easily in nature. Examples include cobalt and navy blue. 

Focus on Foliage 

Lush foliages have been around for a few years now. Their rage only seems to gain more traction day by day. Brides are especially asking for all-green table pieces and foliage only bouquets for their weddings in 2019, mainly woodland themed wedding. They adorn their tresses with big and bold flower crowns matching their crowns to the wedding flowers. But remember only hardiest of blooms last long. Pick orchids, spray roses, or freesias. 

Not just vibrancy, foliage is an economical choice for brides tying the knot on a budget.


Call them eucalyptus of 2019. Check your Pinterest boards, or Insta feeds. Woodsy plants such as ferns are ruling the earthy forest weddings. They add an element of ‘greenery’ to the weddings whether in a garland form, or wedding cake or a bouquet accent. 

Ferns aren’t entirely new, however, how they are used in the weddings today, definitely is. Dusty miller and silver eucalyptus have been the shining stars for long, but expect to see more ferns in flower arrangements in 2019. 

Bold Hues

Minimal greenery and bold blooms make unique pairings. Imagine bright flowers interspersed with mixed foliage. Don’t they add a lot of depth? According to the florists, they have sold brighter and vibrant flowers this year than the previous. As rustic is dying out, bold will take center stage. Maroon, cerise, ruby, coral, amethyst, topaz, and sapphire are ready to take the stage. Expect them more in the flower arrangements and other decorations. This soft trend has slowly but firmly taken center stage.

Pretty Peonies

Peonies and weddings make a timeless match. They symbolize good fortune, prosperity, and happy marriage. 2019 will see this wedding flower staple a lot. A versatile flower such as peony can be fashioned into a bouquet to suit any wedding theme from rustic garden parties to formal affairs. The only downside is the seasonal availability. Peonies bloom from April/May till June. So if your wedding is slated early summer and you want peonies, you will have them. However, if it’s at other times of the year consider dahlias, garden roses or ranunculus. 

Coral Floral

Think of a monochromatic coral bouquet or a mix and match with greenery or tropical leaves. Corals create a stunning picture. Pantone color of the year 2019 is ‘living coral.’ The color is a beautiful pink-orange that can be added to bouquets, floral decoration, and centerpieces. 

Don’t get surprised if you see it at most or all of the weddings this year. It has opened doors for warmer hues in 2019. A multitude of flowers in coral shades – hydrangeas, mums, roses, tulips, and gerbera daisies, snapdragon, poppies can be considered. However, if bright isn’t your thing, consider softer alternatives.

Local Blooms

If you want to have a budget-friendly wedding, locally grown flowers are the best option. Additionally, they always look in trend and never an inch out of place. While having peonies, ranunculus and anemones can be difficult to source; you can always find hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and calla lilies throughout the year. 

Take wildflowers, foraged plants and backyard blooms such as irises, clematis, and lilacs and add it for that local flair into your wedding in 2019. 

Tropical Leaves

Your idea of having a destination wedding in a tropical setting may have taken a backseat, but a little bit of the tropical flavor can always be added. Here’s how. Pick brightly colored flowers and tropical leaves and use these in flower arrangements for weddings. Big leafy greens can include elephant ear, fan palms, monster, areca palms, bird of paradise, papyrus fronds and fern fronds. For brighter hue consider ginger flowers, orchids, calla lily giving a complete contrast to the greens. They exude originality. 

Minimalistic Approach

Minimal is the new chic. No wonder then minimal arrangements may be seen a lot more in flower arrangements for weddings in 2019. Curating a place with just one or two blooms to have that minimal look is the new trend most brides love. These single or sometimes two flower types can be arranged with some greens. A florist can be of massive help in curating it. To highlight a place and add depth, make sure you avoid traditional ways as they may fall flat. 

Summing up

Pick up any trend and incorporate it to your flower arrangements for weddings in 2019 if you are having one or suggest to your friends to make the day amazing and memorable.

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