People often gift flowers to friends and family members on special occasions, festivals, and other happy moments in between. A bouquet or bunch of fresh, bright blooms can bring a beautiful smile on someone’s face and freshness to any space.

Whether, you’ve received flowers as an anniversary arrangement, birthday gift, or a graduation bouquet, you want to preserve them as long as possible. 

No one can indeed stop cut flowers from eventually wilting away, but you can try to keep them alive for as long as possible. 

Whether you receive a gorgeous bouquet of roses, a pretty posy, magenta peonies, or impulsive bunch of loveliness, you can make all of them live long. How?

Here are some tips that will help in keeping cut flowers fresh and long lasting.

Trim the Stem Regularly

Cut the ends of the stem of flowers in order to make them soak up the most water possible. This will keep them great-looking for a long time. Try to trim the stems daily, when changing the water in flower vase.

To give the best cut, use sharp scissors or knife and cut the inch off the stems at an angle of 45 degrees rather than straight across. This will offer more surface area to stem’s tip and allow flowers to absorb more water, which will keep them fresh for a long time.

Remove Leaves from Bottom of Stem

Before placing cut flowers in vase remove the extra leaves at the base of the stem. If you don’t do this, the leaves rest underline the water and change their color after a day or two, which makes water dirty and stinky as well. 

However, eliminating extra foliage help decrease bacteria in vase water, keep the water clear longer and free from foul odors. Thus, clean and microorganism-free water in vase helps keep cut flowers fresh for more days. 

Avoid Sunlight, Heat & Aircon

Blooms in vase or bouquet do not grow. So sunlight isn’t beneficial for flowers when they are in a vase.

Moreover, fresh cut flowers can be a little temperamental and often don’t like the sun as well as heat. Sun, aircon, and heat all can dry the flowers, which cause them to wilt faster. So, keep your cut blooms away from direct sunlight as well as cold spots.

Replace the Water Regularly

Changing the vase water regularly is the simplest way to give cut flowers a longer life. If due to busy life schedule changing water regularly is not possible for you, try to change vase’s water alternative days. This will help keep the flowers fresh and clean. 

 A clean vase filled with fresh water will keep the flowers fresh for a long time. So, before putting blooms in the jar, disinfect the vase with water and bleaching powder.

Keep Cut Flowers Away From Fruit

Keep your flower vase away from fresh fruit. As the fruit ripens, they release ethylene gas in the space, which causes damage to fresh flowers. Ethylene gas regulates the ripening of cut flowers and makes them look dull within a day. 

For instance, fruits like tomatoes, apples, and bananas produce high levels of ethylene, which will cause more rapid aging of flowers as well as leaves. Therefore, it is always better to keep the fresh cut flowers away from the fruit in your home.

Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Perky With the Following Ingredients

Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar: As we human, flowers also need sugar for proper functioning and growth. Therefore, providing sugar to plants help keep them fresh and beautiful for longer days.

Perhaps, using only sugar can give rise to micro bacterial growth, which further may harm flowers. To prevent bacterial growth, use a combination of acid and sugar. Acid has anti-bacterial properties thus it will prevent bacterial growth in vase.

To prepare this effective solution, mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with two tablespoons of sugar into vase water. Vinegar acts as an antibacterial element while the sugar act as required flower food. This is how you can keep the fresh cut flowers healthy for more than three days. 

Hair Spray: To get perky flowers for long days use hairspray. As it preserves hairstyle in the same way a hair spray can help cut flowers look fresh for long time. 

Spray the hairspray on them from many inches away. Do not move the spray too close to flowers as the force from it may damage them. So, use it but, carefully.

Clear soda: Mix a Quarter cup of soda with water and put the mixture in a vase. The sugar in the soda gives a steady flow of nutrients to flowers. Also, soda makes the water acidic which allowing it to travel up the stems more quickly than basic water. 

This will keep the flowers plump and fresh. Further, this mixture decreases the bacterial growth, which is again a plus point for flowers.

Vodka: Keep flowers in your vase looking fabulous for as long as possible with the addition of three drops of vodka or clear spirit. Also, add one teaspoon of sugar for better results.

Vodka possesses a very unique effect on flowers. When you add this drink to your vase, it preserves your flowers for the long time. 

Do you like the tips??

Try above mention tips the next time you receive or buy a gorgeous bunch of blossoms. Now, when you have ideas to keep flowers fresh for a long time, why not to make gorgeous flowers a part of your indoor decor?

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