Thousands of flowers are there in nature, and a flower is the perfect reflection of both beauty and functionality. Most of us are simply amazed to think about how useful flowers can be.

Flowers not only enhance the aesthetic of a landscape, but can also be used for various other purposes. Here are some of them, apart from showcasing them in a vase and putting them on a table. Have a look!

Cake Decoration

Yes, you are right! There are edible flowers that you can use to decorate the cake. The cake with a vibrant mix of petals of rose and other eatable flowers increases the craving. Further, the edible flowers add a fresh natural look to the cake. Especially, when you celebrate kid’s birthday don’t forget to decorate the cake with flowers, as kids would love that.

Flower Neckpiece 

The chain of daisy or marigold flower in neck makes you look stunning. The natural scent of flowers makes you feel more fresh and energetic.

How to make flower neckpiece?

Buy flowers, separate the stem from the bud and join every flower to another with the help of toothpick. You can also use thread in place of a toothpick to join the flowers together. Now, the neckpiece is ready to wear. 

Floating Flowers

To make an attractive and romantic centerpiece, put flowers in a wider container. The broken or wilting flowers live longer when placed in an open bowl filled with water. You can either put a complete flower with buds in a bowl or can use only petals to make the space more attractive. 

For example, the floating composition of roses, chrysanthemums, or gerbera will spread their fragrance all around the space for more days.

Homemade Natural Toner

Rose is not just a symbol of love but is widely used in many medicines and skin remedies. There is rose water that you can use as a toner to clean your face. It is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, also softens your skin.

How to make rose water at home?

Bring roses from the shop; separate their petals from bud, then soak rose petals in a cup of water overnight. Your rose water is ready and now you can apply it on your face.

Floral Head Crown 

Put flowers on head are enough to spice up any hairstyle. Their wonderful fragrance and vibrant colours make you look more attractive. You can either wear them as flower crown or can tuck them with hairpins on a ponytail.

Flowers Bookmark

Transform the flowers into artwork. Press the different flowers in the book for two or three days, and take them out after they are dried. Now use glue to paste them on a hard paper and cut the paper in shape of bookmark you desire.

Therefore it is the perfect way to create an attractive yet unique bookmark.

Decorate Service Tray 

Whether you organize a party or you have friends get together, use flowers to decorate the service tray. When you serve the welcome drink in a tray full of real flower petals, your guest will left awestruck. The magic of fresh fragrance will double the taste of food.

Final Words:

As of now, you know about the unique way of using flowers, so try these at your home. Consult Sydney Wide Flowers on 02 9773 4188 to get fresh flowers or bouquets.