I don’t want fresh flowers in my home said no one ever!

These dainty looking organic elements add colour, odour, and vibrancy that soothe eyes, mind, and soul. No wonder your health gains from it. Besides, it is confirmed by scientists.

A study at the State of the University of New Jersey on senior citizens for six months showed took place. Importantly, it showed flowers ease depression and inspire social networking while also helping in refreshing memory with the growing age. Without a doubt, these results are vital as with growing age when life turns stressful; you need something that eases tension and enhances life.

Another behavioral study by Nancy Etcoff from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School is significant. It explained that with fresh cut flowers in the home, people feel compassionate toward others, experience lesser anxiety and worry and reduced depression. Just imagine the impact of flowers present in the house at all times. 

Various studies sum up by deducing three main impacts of flowers on human health. Keep on reading:

Flowers Boost Compassion

Empathy is one of the most highly rated human traits. Unquestionably, flowers feed this feeling. Whereas it seems unusual, a study at Harvard found that the participants who had fresh cut flowers in their homes for a week or less experienced a boost in feelings. These include kindness and compassion for other people.

Drives Away Anxiety, Tensions, and Worries

At the same prestigious institute, the research witnessed that people surrounded by flowers at home felt a reduction in negative thoughts.

  • The research – The participants, as part of the research, placed fresh flowers in dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens. In particular, the areas where these people spent the most time of the day.
  • The inference – Flowers were the first thing they want to see in the morning. According to Nancy Etcoff, the joy you feel in the morning is the real phenomenon. They lift one’s mood and instills a sense of positivity, feelings of happiness, warmth, and friendliness lasting till late in the day. Furthermore, she saw that even a small bouquet in the morning is enough to perk up one’s moods.

Increase Energy and Enthusiasm

Workplace feels the impact too. Interestingly, flowers affect the mood of the participants at work. People were happier and worked with increased energy and enthusiasm after living with flowers at home.

In Conclusion

Clearly, it surprised researchers to see the massive impact on the moods of the people. She found it intriguing how, after starting a day on a positive note, these people spread happiness to other people around. And as we know, happiness is contagious. You can witness it in the kitchens. It is the place where families spend time together. Just think of the effect of good mood on others.

Indeed, these were the emotional and mental benefits of having flowers in your home. Get some today and see the effect on your physical health too. Moreover, mental and emotional health is essential for maintaining physical health.

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