Are you searching for floral design tips and tricks? Better yet, are only looking for the best floral tips and tricks from a top Panania Florist? Well, this post shares top floral tips and tricks from Sydney Wide Flower experts sure to make coming up with floral designs easy, fun and simple.

Coming up with ideal floral designs is a craft/art that should be and can be perfected. One way you can go about perfecting this art is by learning a few tricks here and there. It is with this that I’ve opted to share with you this blog post today. So what does it cover? Well, it covers or highlights top Panania florist tips and tricks. Take these tips to heart and you are sure to come up with quality floral designs on a daily.

The top tips and tricks we’ll be covering in this post are;

  • Make Good Use of Water
  • Cut off The Tips
  • Make A Grid
  • Maintain Proper Water Temperature
  • Use Foam
  • Remove Lily Stamens
  • Use Alum Powder

Make Good Use of Water

Top on the list of this floral design tips and tricks post is water. The first thing you should do when you receive your florals is placing them in water. Fill a bucket with water (room temperature water) add some floral preservatives then your flowers.

When pouring in the water, make sure you get just the right amount. The water levels one should reach tend to differ depending on the Panania Florist you ask. What doesn’t however is the importance of putting flowers in water immediately you’ve received them.

Cut off The Tips

Once you’ve placed your flowers in the water, the next tip is cutting off the stems. When cutting off the tips make sure you cut them underwater. This is important because it allows them to absorb water while on the vase. You can go about cutting the tips off by having water flow from the taps to them while cutting.

Alternatively, you can take a nice container to add water then cut them from there. When cutting the tips of flowers, go with a sharp knife. This is more so important if you plan on placing your plants on a vase some later date. The cut you created helps it absorb necessary water to keep it fresh.

Make A Grid

Sit down with any Panania Florist and they’ll tell you that they have their very own mental grid. In other words, a system they use to arrange their flowers in a defined order or manner. If you pay attention while in their shop, you’ll see a number of Panania Florists placing flowers in a vase while making a grid using overlapping stems. The whole reasoning behind a grid is creating a holder for flowers so as to make them balanced and unified.

Even you can create your very own grid. It’s good to note however that coming up with the grid can be challenging. If you find it hard coming up with your own grid, consider using a tape grid. Simply lay a tape vertically and horizontally and you are good to go. Tape grid works really well for those working on short vases.    

Maintain Proper Water Temperature

If there is something usually overlooked when looking at floral designs is water temperature. The key to ensuring a good floral design maintains its charm while on a vase is ensuring it’s placed in water that’s just the right temperature.

To get this right, you’ll need to pay close attention to the type of flowers you have. All in all, a good number of flowers tend to react positively with room temperature water. It’s good to note though that warm water helps certain tightly closed flowers loosen up. These flowers include roses and ranunculus.

Use Foam

Ever wondered how Panania Florists manage to make their floral designs last longer? Well, the secret to this is foam. Yes, foam helps in making floral arrangements last for quite some time. Furthermore, foam helps in keeping flowers constantly hydrated. Key here is to get it right with the use of foam.

That said, just take your floral design and soak it in foam for around 15 minutes. Do this before cutting it to fit the vase. Once you are done, remember to always water the foam after a few days.

Remove Lily Stamens

If you are new to flowers then you are probably wondering what stamens are. So what are they? Well, stamens are normally heavily pollinated and are in the centre of the lily. This tip requires you to be very keen with your floral design.

Once you realize that the lily has open, make sure you remove the stamens. Be careful when doing this so as to make sure it doesn’t touch the lily. By doing this, you’ll be allowing your floral design to last longer.

Use Alum Powder

Another tip you can make use of when dealing with floral designs is the use of alum powder. With it, you will be able to keep hydrangeas from wilting. Furthermore, it makes them stay and look gorgeous for days and weeks to come. When using Alum powder, you want to use it after you’ve cut the hydrangeas stem.

The good thing about Alum powder, other than its use on flowers, is how easy it can be found. That said you can easily find Alum powder in the spice aisle of your neighbourhood grocery. Simply take the cut stems and place them into the Alum powder and carry on with your floral arrangement.

Use Ice On Orchid Plants

Yes, you can use ice on flowers, in particular, Orchid Flowers. If you happen to be working with a floral design of Orchids, consider using ice on them instead of water. Why? Well, the slow pace the ice melts gives them slow steady hydration. This way, they won’t drown on water while at the same time getting in much-needed water. Additionally, the use of ice can give you a nice picture of the amount of water you are giving your Orchid.  

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